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Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová, Hugh Walsh
The Frames, an Irish band, takes the lead role in a film where Glen Hansard tells the sole love story of a street musician and a Czech immigrant through the songs they write, rehearse, and record during a tumultuous week. Our protagonist is a part-time worker at his father's electric broom repair shop, but his true dream is to play his own songs and release an album. Recently abandoned by his girlfriend who moved to London, he is emotionally shattered. One day, while wandering on Dublin's Grafter street, he meets a Eastern European girl who has moved to Dublin with hopes of starting a new life. She works as a cleaner in an upper-class household and strives to save money to buy the piano she desires. She is faced with important decisions about her life. In materialistic Dublin, which has become extremely materialistic since Ireland's economic boom, these two individuals, who feel like outcasts in society, form a strong bond through music.

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